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Fun in the Sun with Vero Modero

Well, I went to grab some of the beautiful Group Gifts at Vero Modero, but since I was headed for the beach anyway….I grabbed this fantastic little suit and cover anyway. So, head over there and get those  , but don’t pass up some of her summer time beauties!

[VM] VERO MODERO / Elif Mayokini Blue
Dura Girl 01
N- Core Shoes Glitter Black
Vero Modero May Group Gift
The Dressing Room 2 year Gift
Maitreya Greens 11 Black
VERO MODERO / Gift Menekse Dress Green
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Feeling Couture Part 2

I have spent so much shopping lately, but that’s not hard when I visit store like Vanity Hair, Vogue and Eshi Otawara.  But in the end, it is more then worth it. I love this Couture look. I think I just might wear this to……well….everywhere!

Hana (Sherbet Pink)  by Eshi Otawara Hair Flower

Exquisite Victoriana Pink Pearl Gold Earrings and Ring

N-core COQUETTE Glitter Edition “White” Shoes

Vanity Hair::Romance-blacks

*VoguE* Qipao ~ Lavender Gown

Face Paint Valentine Pink

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Feeling Couture Part 1

My job, should I choose to accept it, was to up my style! Find something beautiful, tasteful and couture. Something lovely for an evening out. Was it hard? Not with places like Bliss, Dura and N-Core to choose from. I finished this look with some Face Paint Makeup and a new jewelry designer I discovered on marketplace. I love this look.

Face Paint Eartha

“LOW” MiLady Necklace Bracelet and Right in Dark

Bliss Couture* Annarita Dress (B&W)

Dura Girl 27 Hair Black

N-core COQUETTE Glitter Edition “Black” Shoes

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When Fashion Transcends into Art

Anyone who reads my blog, knows I love fashion. Fashion is a huge part of Second Life for me but sometimes, on very rare occasions, beautiful fashion transcends into Amazing Art. There are several stores on my “Art List” What each has in common is the ability to see beyond their work as clothing  and  into a realm of creativity where they see the piece as autonomous, standing on it’s own. It is often difficult to style these pieces. The trick is to choose additional pieces to compliment them, but not compete with them. Below are 2 stylings and a list of my favorite “Art” stores.

Can you guess where these things are from? I’m not going to tell you. Below is a list of stores. Use this list and go look. Happy hunting!

Mea Culpa

This store has High fashion Avante Garde Clothing, but I’ll  be honest…’s the shoes I go there for. They are AMAZING! The most unique shoes on the grid.

Vita’s Boudoir
Again, this store coves the hole spectrum.  But it’s the Hair and dresses/Gowns I think are amazing. I’d  own most of them if I could. They are my idea of BEAUTIFUL Avante Guarde.

The Mad Hattery
Lots of Designers in Second Life make hats. This one makes Art that you wear on your head. Don’t even bother with clothes. No one will notice anything but the hat.

Glow Studio
Jewelry & Accessories here. Anything you want, as long as what you want is bold, colorful and unapologetic.

Face Paint

My Favorite Makeup store. A huge selection of everything. Styles are beautiful, quality,  varied and well priced. A nice selection for men as well.

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Lovely New look from Glam Affair

I found this lovely look, Zoe in rose at Collabro88. It is new this month and comes in several colors. This was one of my favorites. Earrings and Bracelet are from Chop Zuey Graceful Intuition PK, makeup from Face Paint and Shoes are from R2″Ala” Pink also at Collabro88.

This is an up close view of the Chop Zuey Graceful Intuition Pk Earrings.

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New Company coming and I have a sneak peek!

I managed to get my hands on a gorgeous mesh Cocktail Dress from a brand new company, called Vegacelli, coming soon to the grid. And, let me tell you, the quality of this mesh is amazing! You know what a stickler I am on mesh, and the detail in this dress is brilliant. Just take  look at the intricacy of these folds. The effect of the light play across the material is incredibly life like. The textures on the dress are equally beautiful, the whole over all look is right on the mark. The dress  fits well on a well balanced figure and it moves perfectly with the body.

VegaCelli * Pinned Up Cocktail Dress Color Solid Black



Glow Studio – Kurba Earrings – red

Mea Culpa Shoes MONALISA

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Three Vero Modero Beauties

I had the pleasure of getting my hands on these three beautiful gowns from Vero Modero and, as is my habit, I mixed and matched up the gowns with accessories from a combination of fantastic new designers with brilliant veteran Second Life designers. Below are the looks and the lists, enjoy!

I love the light play on this Gown called Rusa Gown Red.
Bracelet “Ganked Rocklove”, Necklace & Earrings “[ glow ] studio – Gypsy dove set”, Shoes “Ingenue :: Jive Wedge :: Persimmon, Hair “Analog Dog – Manhattan dark
VERO MODERO / Cage Gown Gold, Ganked Something Old Necklace, Analog Dog – #17 in Brown Sugar
VERO MODERO / Geo Gown Red, [ glow ] studio – Kurba Earrings – red, Ingenue :: Jive Wedge Shoes :: Persimmon, Amacci ~ Adena in Black Coal – Free Gift