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When Fashion Transcends into Art

Anyone who reads my blog, knows I love fashion. Fashion is a huge part of Second Life for me but sometimes, on very rare occasions, beautiful fashion transcends into Amazing Art. There are several stores on my “Art List” What each has in common is the ability to see beyond their work as clothing  and  into a realm of creativity where they see the piece as autonomous, standing on it’s own. It is often difficult to style these pieces. The trick is to choose additional pieces to compliment them, but not compete with them. Below are 2 stylings and a list of my favorite “Art” stores.

Can you guess where these things are from? I’m not going to tell you. Below is a list of stores. Use this list and go look. Happy hunting!

Mea Culpa

This store has High fashion Avante Garde Clothing, but I’ll  be honest…’s the shoes I go there for. They are AMAZING! The most unique shoes on the grid.

Vita’s Boudoir
Again, this store coves the hole spectrum.  But it’s the Hair and dresses/Gowns I think are amazing. I’d  own most of them if I could. They are my idea of BEAUTIFUL Avante Guarde.

The Mad Hattery
Lots of Designers in Second Life make hats. This one makes Art that you wear on your head. Don’t even bother with clothes. No one will notice anything but the hat.

Glow Studio
Jewelry & Accessories here. Anything you want, as long as what you want is bold, colorful and unapologetic.

Face Paint

My Favorite Makeup store. A huge selection of everything. Styles are beautiful, quality,  varied and well priced. A nice selection for men as well.

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