Month: July 2012

It’s a Liv-Glam Feast!

I think Samantha over at Liv-Glam has to be one of the most prolific designers in Second Life. She has been madly creating away and I’m about to show you the beautiful fruits of her labor. And please note the stunning blue evening dress is the newest group gift! Names will appear below the pictures.

Glam Romper

Glam Mini Dress

Boheme (You can mix and match up all of these adorable tops and skirts)






Face Paint at Hope for Emilia Event!

I just discovered that my favorite Makeup store, Face Paint is participating in the Hope for Emilia Event. An event to raise money for victims of the Earthquake in Italy. Below is the featured makeup. 100% from the sale of this makeup goes toward the charity!

Also, I was lucky enough to have a set of makeup created for me, it is also on sale at the event!

So, come on out and help support this event!

New Hat Designer in the House! Part 2

This is the second half of my article on Tizzy’s new store, House of Knots. If you love these hats you will find her slurl by clicking her logo to your right. Okay, enough talk more pictures!

There will be a part 3……she has some new ones coming soon!

New Hat Designer in the House! Part 1

Yes, this story needs more then 1¬† part, I have so much to show you. Have you ever been hanging out in class, talking about shopping and castings and discovered…OMG! YOU MAKE HATS!? That is exactly what happened to me when I discovered my good friend and fellow model Tizzy was a closet Hat maker! And, she doesn’t just make hats, she makes amazing, will o the wisp, delicate, fanciful and stunning hats. But enough talk, let me show you. She is opening a new store called House of Knots, you can find the slurl by touching the logo below on the right.


NYU and Finesmith Goodness on TrinityStylings

Well, it looks like I caught the last day of the big sale at Finesmith and bought out the store. With such stunning, sophisticated and glamorous jewelry I needed a gown equal to it, which I found on NYU’s Relay For Life vendor. Sooooooooooo…….now I look fantastic and supported a great cause. It’s a win win situation!

Jewelry – Finesmith Nola collar Silver , Nola Bracelets Silver

Head Piece – Finesmith Swan Silver

Gown – NYU RFL of SL 2012

New from NYU

There is a small set of designers that I will actually chase down to find their designs and Nyunyu Kimono is one of them. I found this new mini dress at FaMESHed. It comes in several colors, but like all of Nyunyu’s work, the color is minimalist. In her case line and form take center stage, for a thoroughly modern look. I added¬† LoQ Frappe Hair, Chop Zuey’s Mystic Enchantress Black Set, Mandala Nails and Face Paints Yet to be released Smokes Makeup in Storm to complete the look.

Something So Lovely from Strip’d

Sachy makes my job so easy. This beautiful top called Desiree in Pink is the perfect example. It is to amazingly simple, yet the lines , shape and texture work together to create a stunning look. It is so lovely and so easy to wear, it made accessorizing it and taking these pictures a breeze. I simply added these beautiful Graceful Intuition Earrings in Pink, from Chop Zuey, These beautiful Black Slacks from NYU, Girl #1 Hair from Dura and a brand new, soon to be released makeup Smokes in Pink from Face Paint. I LOVE this look. Top comes in multiple colors.