Month: October 2012

More designs from Mimmi Boa’s Autumn at the Louvre

I was lucky enough to wear these designs during Mimmi boa’s Graduation Show autumn at the Louvre. We were extremely lucky to wear the gowns from Paris Metro Couture. The names and accessories are listed below each picture.

Paris Metro Couture Nara Nightsky Gown

Mandala Sinra JewelrybSet

Miamai.Xeena Tail Hair

Face Paint Trinity Navy Make

Paris Metro Couture: Artist Series Sledge Roffo Gown

Finesmith Gold Collar, Nola Bracelets and H2O Earrings

Zibska Barbie Bob Hair in Red

Face Paint Pumpkin

 Paris Metro: Take Flight Red & Black Bird Gown

Chop Zuey The Great Healer Necklace, Earrings and Rin

Fellini Couture- Poussiere d’etoile eyelashes in red

Kunglers Morgana pumps

Zibska Myrna Hair

Face Paint Smikie Makeup


Avenue Cinque Red

I know it’s late, but I wanted to show you the final designs from the last show of Avenue’s Cinque Series from this last weekend. All of these are on sale at Avenue’s new Shopping District, so if you see it and love it, you can grab it! This is RED, so expect a lot more pictures. 🙂

Brand new looks from NYU and Molichino

I did some serious shopping this weekend and found so many new and beautiful things, I just had to show you. The first is an outfit I put together from separates I found at Molichino. These come in several colors, but I chose the aqua. I paired them with some sweet pumps from Kunglers, one of my favorite hairs from Vanity Hair called The Hamptons and Face Paint’s City Girl makeup layers, for a great casual look.

The second thing I found was this sweet, sweet dress Babydoll from NYU. I fell in love with it at first sight, it also comes in several colors, but I loved the Snow. I paired it up with the same Vanity Hair, a simple pair of black pearls and these adorable White Patent Booties from BAX. This is another casual but ultra feminine look.

New Fall Line from Face Paint. Just in time……………….

Face Paint has a brand new Fall line just in time for their Face of 2013 photo contest. This is a big one, for those interested, The prize money is First Place 10,000L, Second Place 5000L and Third place 2,500L.  There is a few other prizes as well. Anyway, this contest runs through November 10th, so it’s the perfect time to buy and style for the fall.

Hair Styles by Zibska

Anenue Cinque Onyx

The second show in Avenue’s 5 year birthday Celebration. Tomorrow will be the drama of red!

The following designers contributed to this show.

Blackheart from E-Clipse,
blackLiquid Tokyoska from blackLiquid designs,
Faint Pulse of the Ladies Who Lunch,
Zzoie Zee from Zanze designs,
Vikeejeah Xevion byLD Major,
Syane and Systi Cisse from sYs,
Raven Pennyfeather from House of RFyre.

Avenue shows Cinque Pure

Avenue is celebrating five years in Second Life with a series of shows called Cinque. Today was called Cinque Pure. As avenue states, “AVENUE Pure is white in its most natural form, associated with innocence, purity, and cleanliness. White is known for creating smooth lines, and effortless yet chic attire.” And, that is exactly what some of the most amazing Models on the grid showed us. The show was brilliant, filled with some of the best designers in Second Life and worn by the true professionals in their field. I can’t wait to see Cinque Onyx tomorrow.  My Pictures don’t begin to do these Beautiful women and designs justice.

Below is a list of designers who contributed their incredible work to this show.

Aliza Karu of AD Creations,
LD Major by Vikeejeah Xevion,
Molichino by Aurelia Chauveau,
Soraya Vaher of Violator,
Lush Limited by Xi Zane and Ngozi Faith,
Ladies Who Lunch, Faint Paulse, Tori Toracelli of Vegacelli,
Khurt Vargon and Alexandra Nicholls of NV corsetry

Beautiful Ensemble from Tres Beau and Bliss

I found the must beautiful Synergy Dress from Bliss the other day. It reminded me so much of vintage Audry Hepburn that I had to add this lovely Hat I got from the Night At the Opera Hunt from Tres Beau, as will as this stunning  Runway Perfect hunt gift of the Petale Jewelry Set from Tres Beau as well. The Runway Perfect Hunt runs through the end of this month.