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Romance Couture at the Finesmith Fall Bazaar

Romance Couture is showing several new gowns at the Finesmith Fall Bazaar and I loved this one so much I had to hurry up and show it to you! It has an edgy style to it, part bohemian, part period, part modern and a whole lot of sexy. This gown needed very little adornment so I didn’t add much. The style card is under the picture.

Romance Couture Boheme Glow Gown

Romance Couture Boheme Glow Gown


Finesmith- Nola Bracelets gold

EarthStones Sophia Belly Ring – Red Jasper

Shellac High Glam Eyes & Lip in Red

BooN KAR868 hair black

One thought on “Romance Couture at the Finesmith Fall Bazaar

  1. Romance Couture is the bleeding Edge of the fine style. yes like a razor her lines are straight fas t to the point it Is Romance and in love with fashion.
    lady Eleseren Brianna RL is a graduate from the UK London College of Fashion.
    her styling has lead her to make some of her own jewelry, shoes, etc only to accent her clothes.

    She is A very down to earth woman that is inspired by many of the new up coming designers as well as the long time favorites. Romance couture never stops falling in love.
    Lady Eleseren is on 6 hours a day for customer service been that way since 2009.
    Why I like to thank Lady Eleseren and Romance couture for helping me for the last 2 years you help has made my fashion videos better than any one I have ever had help from.

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