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More Beautiful Items from The Jewelry and Accessory Expo

There are really some detailed and beautiful things at the J&A Expo. It has been my pleasure to show you some already, but today I want to show you some really great pieces from Yasum, Crie Style and CASHMERE & KEANE. These are edgier pieces then I’ve shown you before, but Secnd Life is home to so many wonderful and varied styles. Style Cards below images.

Yasum Steampunk Leggings bYasum Steam Punk Leggings

Snapshot_003Yasum*MESH*Collar Steam
Yasum*MESH*Dead End Boots
*+Crie Style+* Caeru Monocle
*CASHMERE&KEANE*Caicko Knuckleduster

Snapshot_006Yasum*MESH*Collar Steam
*+Crie Style+* Caeru Monocle

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