Hi all, there are so many events, expos and hunts going on this month. I really hope that you are treating yourself to some of these opportunities to snatch up some divine designs! I know that I sure am. Today I have a mixed bag of shoes, hand bags, hats and jewelry. Enjoy!

Snapshot_006bJ&A Rock Couture Modern Glasses Black
Alexandra Sautereau Collection The Cyphre Tote in Myrrh
Xen’s Hats Burbank Hat
Son!a Sima Necklace & earrings & bracelet Silver gold Onyx
Baubles! by Phe CrystalCosmosRing – HighTides
LP Leather Cage Sandal Black

J and A Expo Plus Dot Be FashionDot-Be dress Ponchi geomatric 3
Orage Ceramics Sunglasses – white
IMaGE Factory Message Bag – Cross Set – Rare
[orage] Ceramics Sunglasses – white
AIDORU EXCL REL. #2 Elite pumps
POMPOSITY – Snowflake Earrings
POMPOSITY – Snowflake Necklace

Modern Couture Jewelry  Luxury SetModern Couture Jewelry  Luxury Set