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Haute Couture at The Jewelry and Accessory Expo

Today I’m going to show you something a little different, a little unusual and a lot beautiful. I’ve always loved the edgy fashions best. They always make one do a double take. They are fun to wear and allow us to stretch our definition of what clothing actually is. In many cases, these designs are as much art as they are fashion. I so admire the imagination it takes to see the world, people and fashion so differently.

Snapshot_001cAlways Eclectic Red Marble Chain Set J&A Gacha
Chimeric Fashions~ Metal Bird Mask Ebony
Air GACHA Shen Zhou Hair Accessory

Gizza and KL Couture 1GizzA XMAS Horns J&A EXPO GIFT
KL Couture Byzance Gold Edition

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