Month: January 2014

More New Items from SeXXX Sells

Today I’d like to show you two new items from the SeXXX Sells Event. The first is a sweet Blue Outfit from Rachel Swallows Creations. It is two sets, the first is called PINUP GIRL LEATHER JACKET and the second part of the outfit is STRING ME ALONG BOOT and BODY SUIT. My Fella and I,  are also posing on the EXplicite Erotica sex table. My handsome guy and I had a fun little table and looks great in my living room! It would make a great addition to any home.




More Sexiness from the SeXXX Sells Event

And still more hotness from the SeXXX Sells Event. Today I want to show you this sexy little barn, Explicite Basic instinct shed, a SeXXX Sells Exclusive. It’s the perfect little hide away. It is a place for you and yours to spend some quality time together. And, it looks great in Country, Gorean or Medieval Role Play settings or hide it away, for a little private time, on your own land. It looks great in natural settings! It comes with cuddle and sex poses, designed to meet any need.

Explicite Basic instinct shed SeXXX Sells Exclusive Pic 2This Shed is easy to set up and lots of fun to play with.

Explicite Basic instinct shed SeXXX Sells Exclusive Pic 1It’s available now at the SeXXX sells Event

Sensual New Offers from SeXXX Sells Event

So many sexy items at SeXXX Sells. Boy is it getting hot on the sim! So come, have fun and help support a great event. As part of our event we will be working with Feed A Smile to raise money to feed starving children in Kenya. For just 100L you can feed 1 child a meal. To help raise even more funds we will be hosting a charity date & erotic photography auction January 26th, 2014 11am-12pm. Hoobs Hotties & SL Porn Actors and Actresses as well as many well known erotic artists including Tatiana Eastwood, Trysten, and Skip Staheli will be auctioning of photo sessions and dates with themselves to help raise funds.

Niekra’s Dreams Succubus Slave Avatar 2

Snapshot_002Hugo Elle Generale – Black
BAX Regency Boots Red Patent Leather
Bean stage of tease

Zed Sensations Imaginary GownbZed Sensations Imaginary Gown

Beautiful New Designs from Lybra

It’s been a while since I shared anything from Lybra, but I’m making it up today! I just had to show you this beautiful gown out and  jewel set that goes with it perfectly. It is perfect for formal occasions or dancing and we do have one of those coming up in February!

Lybra PatriciaLybra Patricia

Lybra Winter Emerald SetLybra Winter Emerald Set

SeXXX might sell, but Pearls are for Girls!

I know I promised you another little peek at the SeXXX sells Event, but first I really must show you this new and stunning new jewel set from Zuri Rayna, called Antique Peridot Sage Pearl Gold V2 Set. Shout out to Beautiful Deluxe for the amazing eye makeup I’m wearing

Zuri Rayna Antique Peridot Sage Pearl Gold V2 SetThe detail on this set is just amazing. I’m a pearl lover, so this set will have a special place in my inventory.

Now, to your sneak peek of some more SeXXX Sells Exclusives…

LOST EDEN Indulgence in Black with LoveMe Lavender SkinWhen wearing something like this, skin becomes very important so I chose LoveMe Lavender Skin in Fair. The SeXXX Sells exclusives are LOST EDEN Indulgence Mini in Black and Baubles! by Phe Kinky Half Mask Black Stud. This outfit is not only HOT, but it’s a lil bit DANGEROUS!

Are you ready for some Sex?

Of course you are! Aren’t well all? Well, I have the remedy for you. The folks over at Siren Productions are hosting an event called SeXXX Sells. It runs from January 17 to February 1, 2014 and it’s going to be hot, hot, HOT! The list of participating designers is a mile long and you will see many of their exclusive designs right here. Today I’d like to show you the amazing looks D.I.N. is offering. Whew, anybody have a fan……..

11939849733_741a92c9b6_bD.I.N. LADY APOCALYPSE 2 RED SeXXX Sells Exclusive

11940462696_005bfe9166_bD.I.N. LADY APOCALYPSE 1 WHITE SeXXX Sells Exclusive


Finesmith Muse Project Benefit Show for the Samatata Orphanage in Bengal India


I am Honored and Excited to be in a unique show given on the Finesmith Sim, to benefit an orphanage in India. I would like to invite you to this week long event and its opening with a grand show, 9 Designers came together and created each a outfit representing a aspect of woman’s life which will be sold after the show 100% of the profit will be donated to the orphanage in India Samatata (A place of equality) ran and administrated by Women. Please Come and Grace us with your Presence and help us donate as much as we can cause it will help to bring some smile on the little children’s faces.

The event kicks off  with a live singer Miss Noma Falta’s.  We then will have a wonderful fashion show where  all the 9 designer custom outfits will be shown on the runway by amazing models.  After the fashion show we have the singing duo  KatRose and DennyMac performing for us.

The Amazing 9 Designers included in this event are((Alphabetical order)):-
~Celestinas Wedding~
~PeKaS Design~
~Romance Couture~

It will be a honor if you can grace us with your presence and help us help these little children.