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Are you ready for some Sex?

Of course you are! Aren’t well all? Well, I have the remedy for you. The folks over at Siren Productions are hosting an event called SeXXX Sells. It runs from January 17 to February 1, 2014 and it’s going to be hot, hot, HOT! The list of participating designers is a mile long and you will see many of their exclusive designs right here. Today I’d like to show you the amazing looks D.I.N. is offering. Whew, anybody have a fan……..

11939849733_741a92c9b6_bD.I.N. LADY APOCALYPSE 2 RED SeXXX Sells Exclusive

11940462696_005bfe9166_bD.I.N. LADY APOCALYPSE 1 WHITE SeXXX Sells Exclusive


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