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SeXXX might sell, but Pearls are for Girls!

I know I promised you another little peek at the SeXXX sells Event, but first I really must show you this new and stunning new jewel set from Zuri Rayna, called Antique Peridot Sage Pearl Gold V2 Set. Shout out to Beautiful Deluxe for the amazing eye makeup I’m wearing

Zuri Rayna Antique Peridot Sage Pearl Gold V2 SetThe detail on this set is just amazing. I’m a pearl lover, so this set will have a special place in my inventory.

Now, to your sneak peek of some more SeXXX Sells Exclusives…

LOST EDEN Indulgence in Black with LoveMe Lavender SkinWhen wearing something like this, skin becomes very important so I chose LoveMe Lavender Skin in Fair. The SeXXX Sells exclusives are LOST EDEN Indulgence Mini in Black and Baubles! by Phe Kinky Half Mask Black Stud. This outfit is not only HOT, but it’s a lil bit DANGEROUS!

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