My New Desert Home

Just wanted to show you some views of my new digs! This beauty is from RageWorks, it is called Studio CM. Enjoy.


Lazuri Saffi Turquoise Necklace
Concept}12.  Jacob>> Sofa BLACK – PG –  RARE
Concept}14.  Jacob>> Couch Black-  PG  – RARE
Concept}09.  Jacob>> Pots dark
Concept}04.  Jacob>> Coffee Table white Marble
s i x 9 : Light Tree Lamp
s i x 9 : Heritage Vase
Potted Palm Urban Loft (big)
Paintings by Iggy Slash


s i x 9 : Industrial Ceiling Fan
Culprit Furniture  Horse on a Pedestal
JukeBox MP


s i x 9 : Modern Lounger : White
Potted Palm Urban Loft (big)
Paintings by Iggy Slash
Granite Planter Ad Foliage Grouping Storax


Kalopsia – New Royals Chair
Kalopsia – New Royals Couch
KdS-Arts Naps Stone Cat
s i x 9 : Wavy Privacy Screen
MF Statue MP
s i x 9 : Paper Lanterns
s i x 9 : Wall Petals : Colors
Bazar Roya- Bath tub
Bazar Roya- Candles
Bazar Roya- Laundry baskets


Pixel Mode – Ophelia Bed
Pixel Mode – Watcher
Carpets and Geo Lamp, my Creations
RE Art Deco Waterfall Closet
Kalopsia – New Royals Chair

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