Trinity Aironaut Presents Rowne 360

Beautiful Designs by Rowne

Outfits in order of appearance:
Rowne.Damir Sheer Dress – Onyx
Rowne.Isa Bralette Set – Onyx

Rowne.Olesya Lace Coat – Oxblood
Jeune by Rowne.Leevi Maxi Dress – Oxblood

Rowne.Akway Leather Pants – Onyx
Rowne.Vilma Organza Shirt – Onyx
Rowne.Isa Bralette Set – Onyx



Luxe Paris 360 Feb 2021

Trinity Aironaut 138 subscribers Fashion and more The Latest Styles from Luxe Paris in Second Life. LUXE Paris by Parisian Skytower & Mika Palmyra LUXE Paris is a high quality fashion brand for women, inspired by the Parisian haute couture and created by the professional model Parisian Skytower and the fashion editor Mika Palmyra. LUXE Paris explores the virtual elegance for all occasions, with quality standards made for the connoisseurs but at affordable prices!

Be good to you, wear LUXE Paris!

The Gown you seeing has been designed by 2020 LUXE Paris Look of the Year winner and newest member of our design team, Avalon Chrome, and is created from an authentic piece of art by the RL Canadian painter Dave Brewin of ART IS BREWIN. Included with the outfit is a certificate of authenticity that describes the original painting and includes a word from the artist. LUXE Paris BREWIN UNFORGETTABLE Gown LUXE Paris

CHARM Dress Jacket Heels and Bag LUXE Paris

ERMEZ Dress and Scarf