About Trinity

Trinity Aironaut
I am Female
My Rezday was 10/9/2010
My Location is USA East Coast
My time zone is SLT +3
My Languages is English

You will find my images here:

My Second Life Education was given in the academies below:
Amici Academy Graduate Spring 2012
Mimi Boa Academy Graduate Summer 2012
Avenue Student Graduate Fall 2012
MVW Academy Graduate Winter 2012

Agencies That  I Represent:

Scala Modeling Agency
Siren Modeling Agency
Diversity Magazine
L’Amour modeling Agency
Solo Evane Modeling Agency
SL Fierce Magazine
Amici Modeling Agency
Timeless Modeling Agency
Elysee Model Agency
Ever Dream Modeling Agency

Modeling Jobs  I’ve had in Second Life:
Print & Store Model for Face Paint, Print Model for Castiel and Poets Heart
Blogger For Liv-Glam, Strip’d, Face Paint, Lazuri & B-Dot Fashion, LoveMe Skins,  Prism, Lybra, Kyxe, KL Couture, Glow Designs, Romance Couture, IceWater, Siren Productions
Second Life 9th Birthday Show for Lillou’s Designs
Print Model for Blush Skins, Face Paint, Castiel

Contests I’ve participated in:

Color of Couture 2015
Miss Virtual World 2014 Top Ten
Face of Romance Couture 2014 Ist Runner Up
Face of Vero Modero Finalist 2014
Winner OGlam Inside it Might Be You July 2012
Metaverse MetaStylista Contest Finalist
Love My Style! PHOTO Contest 2
Winner Shiki Summer Heat Photo Contest

Runway Shows:
Poet’sHeart Spring Show
L’Amour Urban Junkies of SecondLife
Hugo’s Design Latex Show
Atelier M+ Fashion Show
The 9 Aspects Finesmith Event Show
Maxi Gossamer Runway Show at J&A Expo
Energie Shoes Runway Show at J&A Expo
Vintage Jewels Runway Show at J&A Expo
TCL Caress Custom Couture Show
TCL Dirty Princess Show
TCL ReBourne Show
Amici SL10th Birthday Show A & B
The fashion Fix with Lokii-Ikthya and MV
MVW Graduation Show
Timeless…Dans la Nuit du Casse-Noisettes
MimiBoa  graduation Show
Avenue Graduation Show
Metastylista Final Show
Second Life 9th Birthday Show for Lillou’s Designs
Amici Graduation Show

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