Review Policy

Trinity Styling’s is my own personal Style blog, diary and scrape book. I created it out of love for Second Life Fashion and Photography. I have always used designs that inspire me and my images. Many of the pieces I review on my blog are things I have bought myself, but I do also feature items given to me as review copies by designers.

If I do use them, please know that I may mix and match your items with the work of other designers and use Photoshop to create an Image that is my own personal interpretation or artistic creation.

Designers are welcome to send me review copies. I love working with new and exciting designers, but I cannot guarantee when, or if, I will review everything sent to me. I do try to post items as soon as possible, but sometimes life interferes, so it isn’t always feasible. Accepting of a review copy from you doesn’t commit me to posting to a particular deadline, styling, or comment. I make every effort to post your events, slurls and dates, if provided.

I love taking on official event blogger work for special events. I work very hard to make sure items are posted throughout the event, but it’s unlikely I will be able post all the items from any event.

Please contact me by notecard inworld or leave me a message on Flickr or Facebook if you would like to me to review your creations.

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