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Sense Event Opens on the 18th

Sense Event Opens.png

Your taxi to the Sense event is here.

Items featured in this post:


:::WILD :::Makeup Studio Bombshell Lips CATWA

OPIA Anat Necklace Garnet

JUMO Originals – Birdie Dress

Fashion · Haute Couture · ihearts · MV-SL-Fashion · second life · slfashionworld

The Patron House, Looking Glass & Nerenzo



Below are the Links I promised in the Video

Patron House:


Looking Glass:

Face Paint:

Tiki Tattoo:


Reid Parkin:

Objects on the Wine Bar



Sea Gulls:

Home Expo:


Fashion · Haute Couture · ihearts · MV-SL-Fashion · second life · slfashionworld

New Designs at Z.O.E.

These are some of the amazing and unique designs available at Z.O.E. The prices are just right so you might want to grab some of these today!

Z.O.E. Pic 2

Z.O.E. Paper Lanterns Guest List Cart Sale (GCLS)
Z.O.E. Stolen Milk Crates Table – Dark
Z.O.E. Flower Candle Holders
Z.O.E. 9 Panel Art Frame
Z.O.E. Crazy Cabinet Grunge
Z.O.E. Old Shop Rug 2018 (2) Mesh Guest List Cart Sale (GCLS)

Z.O.E. Pic 1

Z.O.E. Fireplace Bookshelf
Z.O.E. Billiard Ball Pub Lamp Guest List Cart Sale (GCLS)